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"David B. Small" wrote:

1) Yes, of course I share #5 with her. In fact, most folks don't believe that a) I'm an introvert and b) I was terribly shy until I was almost 20. In large part because I believe in facing fears (learned to fly planes because I'm afraid of heights, etc.), and also because I'm a loudmouth, I completely understand her point. (See #45 at )
2) We had quite a discussion about Harry Potter 6. I think both of us thought it much more sophisticated than it appeared at first (I'm blue-barred, she's left justified:

> For starters, I would love any theories on who RAB is...Borgin or Burkes?
> Regulus Black?

Well, I'm guessing Regulus - especially since it *is* obstensibly a kids book - so she's not going to make things too too complicated (although, admittedly, someone had to suggest Black to me, as I made no connection whatsoever with the initials).

I thoroughly agree with you about Snape/Dumbledore. I think Snape has been working undercover - and Dumbledore asked him to do the killing in order to protect Draco's soul. Snape's sould was already in danger since he made that unbreakable promise in the beginning of the book (I don't think he had a choice). And I also think Dumbledore may have been dying anyway. His hand was necrotic. I think he was begging Snape to kill him before someone else did.

To tell you the truth, I feel very badly for Snape at this point. There's not a single person in all of the Wizarding world who trusts him - he must the loneliest wizard ever.

My suspicion is that he was in love with Lily Potter - and regrets that his actions got her killed, and that's why he's repentent and working with the Order of the Phoenix.

> Is the locket REALLY the horcrux? I mean, if RAB was able to get to it to> leave the note, why the heck did he/she refill the toxic fluid? Who did RAB work with, cause Dumbledore was supposedly quite powerful, and still needed> assistance from Harry. (So, the possibilities as I see them are:
> 1) RAB is multiple people
ooh - I hadn't considered that. It could be! Maybe each initial is actually the first letter of each of their names. Intriguing.

> 2) RAB is a riddle, itself, from Voldemort. And Harry is actually walking> around with the real Horcrux.)
I'm wondering if Harry's *scar* isn't a horcrux. Doesn't the prophesy say for one to die they both have to die - or something like that? (sorry, it's been a bit since I've read it). If the scar is a horcrux, then Harry's been carrying a piece of Voldemort's soul all this time (which might explain why it hurt whenever Voldemort was nearby).

> Was Sirius descended from Slytherin? If so, I'll bet that awful house elf has info on another Horcrux.

Oh - maybe!
> And lastly, for fun, I started to put together which of my friends are most resemblant of which HP characters, and came to the disappointing conclusion that I am, in fact, Hermione.

That's not so diappointing. (I'd probably be Hermione too). After all, she does have the sanctioned ability to bend time. :)

Have a good weekend.


Posted by Sarcasmo on Friday, December 29, 2006
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Is This Thing On?   

When last we gathered, I dropped a little hint about how lovely it
would be if I got a post or two from Sarcasmo's friends and faithful
readers,so the page will stay active and refreshed.

Still waiting.

I've been to most of your blogs, so I know you can all write.
Could it be you are shy? Perhaps no one wants to go first ? Then lets
make it a writing exercise. Sarcasmo never said nay to a writing
challenge. And neither should we.

On the right sidebar, Sarcasmo gave us her "100 Things About Me"
list. I was surprised she did one. For one thing they are so prevalent
on the internet, and therefore I thought she would shun such a thing.
And because it is all about her, in the first person. And that is more
personal than she usually got in public.

But I digress. Here is the challenge. Pick one of the 100 things
about Sarcasmo. Any one. Did you know that about her? If so, share a
story about just that. If it is new to you, are you surprised, or not,
and why.

If I really have to I'll come back another day and start you off.
But I am hoping that at least one of you shares # 5 on the list with

So get posting. I double-dog dare ya !

Posted by Sarcasmo on Thursday, December 28, 2006
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Don't Forget To Write   

Don't Forget To Write

On behalf of our whole family I want to thank you all for your amazing
outpouring of love and suport in this most difficult time. We knew Star
had friends. We knew Star had good friends. We didn't know how many. We
are reading and re-reading all the posts. It has been an immense source
of comfort.

One of the hardest things for me personally has been returning here, to
her blog, and seeing her last post. And knowing that it will never be

So I was hoping that every once in a while you will all stop by when the
muse strikes you and leave a post about Star. Share a story. Write her a
note. Whatever you want. After all, the rest of the world will son move
on, but we have a memory to cherish that gives us a common bond.

If you ever feel like contributing, drop me an email and I'll get it
up. I am choosing to look at this as a series of guest posts. You know,
until she figures out how to log on from the great beyond. Because if
anyone can do it, Sarcasmo can.

Love and peace to all,


Posted by Sarcasmo on Friday, December 15, 2006
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Friday Follies   

My PC fan is slowly dying. I'm hoping it will wait till after the holidays to give up the ghost. With all of Scrooges fellas flying about, we're up to our ears in ghosts already. (Also, if this post ends abruptly, you'll know why. Just in case, I'll be trying to back some thing up over night tonight. In either case, forgive my brevity.)

  • To Doug Henning, Thanks for Eviscertaing, Julie Newmar: What's a magic trick without a hippie magician, Bill Cosby, and Catwoman. Well, I don't know, but it's not this. - [M&C]
  • Damn You George Lucas!: It's bad enough to screw around with your own movies...but you leave Singing in the Rain alone!
  • And While I'm On Movie Re-mixes: Scary Mary -[b]
  • Why Give Coal to the Naughty On Your List: When you can damn their soul? - [BM]
  • You Know the Adage About Never Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight?: Well, you can bring this one. (Judging by the video, it's been stolen from John Steed.)

Posted by Sarcasmo on Thursday, December 07, 2006
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Monday Morning Madness   

Christmas Banjo.

Does seeing those words together strike fear into your hearts? Did a little bit of your soul just die? I only ask because that's what happened to me as I stood in line for the West Chester Railroad with SarcasMom on Saturday morning, waiting for the ticket off to open so we could ride the Santa Train with Sarcas-sis and The Mighty Thor. A woman who was also braving the cold to stand in line with her two grandchildren (one of whom seemed less keen on the approaching train and more interested in picking out the finest of the local gravel to take home) informed us that her sister had taken the trip the week before, and that there had been Christmas Banjos.

For the tragically curious about what a Christmas Banjo is - it is something like this (please note the poor photo quality is not due to the fact that I am a sub-par photographer, or that my digital camera is ill-equipped to take photos on a moving vehicle in poor lighting - the man is, in fact, surrounded by the warm glow of Santa's magic - Santa also rode the train, saying hello and handing out candy canes to all the little children, and forever confusing the dogma of not taking candy from stranger - that's my shutterbug story and I'm sticking to it.) Rocking Around the Christmas Tree is a rollicking good holiday time, but it was definitely not meant for banjo. Even still, being of a musical bent, SarcasMom, Sarcas-sis and I couldn't help but sing along, to that and every tune the players plucked out on the banjo - from Feliz Navidad to Zipadee-doo-dah to I've Been Working on the Railroad. In fact, so musically inclined are we that we sang along lustily, at the top of our voices, and without the benefit of the lyrics sheet. This left The Mighty Thor staring at us from time to time as though we were creatures from another planet.

Luckily, adults in the Olden Days apparently didn't have legs - the face-to-face seats on the train were so closely situated, that we had to stagger our knees to sit comfortably together - leaving The Wiley and Mighty Thor little chance to scramble out of his window seat and onto the floor to escape.

Amongst the songs strummed on the Old Banjo was Walking in a Winter Wonderland, which is my favorite winter song. That night, I heard a jazz quartet perform Angels We Have Heard on High, my favorite of the religious holiday songs (I especially like the Latin bit). And, now that I've heard my two favorite songs of the season, I'm afraid all department stores, doctor's offices, restaurants, tourist trains and outdoor loudspeakers must cease and desist in playing holiday music until a few days prior to the actual holidays, as I'm already sick of hearing them. Thanks everso.

  • Monday Morning Quiz: Here. In a related question to all you gamer girls and boys: if your SO gifts you with a video game they know will take all your time and attention from them (and everything else) for the next few weeks, should one consider it a token of affection, or a sign that they feel you are spending too much time together. And more importantly, does it really matter? Either way, expect blogging to be lighter than usual, as I've got a copy of Guitar Hero II in my hot little hands. And I so need to be a non-banjo playing rockstar.
  • Please Pass the Irish Baby: Ladies and gentleman, the blog of Jon Swift. - [FF&F]
  • I Love Gregory House: And not just in the platonic sense (have you seen Hugh Laurie? Sigh.) Even still, I must admit that this image of Every Episode of "House", Summarized in 12 Seconds is spot on.
  • I Can't Believe Someone Beat Me To It: Stalking Alan Rickman. -[CT]
  • Please Somone Explain This To Me: Footsie Pillow (not nearly as flirty or sexy as it sounds...certainly not useful in seducing Alan Rickman or Gregory House.) -[CT]

Posted by Sarcasmo on Sunday, December 03, 2006
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