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I have this re-occurring dream of late. I am running, running, running, and not getting anywhere. Then I realize I am on a treadmill. Oh, wait. It's not a dream. That's the way life at the Sarcas-house has been lately. Besides the usual daily demands of work and chores, we are in the final stage of preparation for a fund raising event that will benefit the Star C. Foster Writer's Prize at Central High School in Philadelphia, Sarcasmo's alma mater. You know how it goes. When we set the date it was so far in the future, and then we flipped the calendar and went into full on panic mode.

This is all my way of saying, "I've been a bad, bad blogger". To all of you who have sent me links, thank you. I will get a Friday Follies or Monday Madness post up soon. Promise. To the rest of you; What gives? This is a group effort you know. I bet you were the kids in high school who didn't participate in those horrendous "group projects" that teachers assigned, but took the "A" because I , (oops, I mean somebody) did all the work.

Anyway, to reward your patience, I leave you with an Original Sarcasmo. It was posted on this date 3/30, in 2004. Enjoy!

Hello, My Name is Sarcasmo, and I Am a Bibliophile

I think it says a lot about me that the reading quirks outlined on " Howdy Mr. Nippon "make me want to weep and cry out in pain.
In fact, I think it says and I a very strange woman indeed.
Can I see the wanton satisfaction one must feel tearing out each page they finish from a long volume? Indubitably. Could I bring myself to do it? Not on your life.
I understand that books are inanimate, disposable objects. They are parcelled combinations of pen and ink; mere tools for transporting ideas and dreams from one person's brain to another. Surely, it's the ideas, the stories, the information that is important; not the object itself. A book is a means to an end, a dust collector on an endtable. Books are not holy relics of a bygone era. They are not sacrosanct.
But in my mind, they could be. They should be. Reading a book is like having a relationship; the passionate up-all-night-unable-to-keep-my-hands-off-it-affair, the casual-flirtation-between-bus-stops, the bored-before-we-really-begin-insult-to-my-intelligence, the guilty-pleasure, the charming world-wise wit;I loved them all in my way. I can put them down, put them aside, even put them on the shelf. But I can never really let them go.
I feel I owe them more than that.
The passion of reading, as with the passion in all great romances, is largely in the mind. But, any true romantic will confirm that tactile stimulation is an equally important element to romance. For me, books are more than the stories and ideas in them, they are an essential part of a reading experience. They have a comforting heft when you hold them, as though it's the words and not their mass that gives them weight. Their pages, gently rough against your fingertips, whisper as you turn them; a quiet metronome punctuating your inner tension, your desire to know (dare you look!) what happens next. And let us not forget their scent...whether it's the crisp clean of newly pressed pages or the musty history of a second-hand store purchase...there is something they way books smell that is instantly calming, centering; it is an invitation to sit comfortably in your own space, explore other worlds, explore your own mind.
The other day I read about an electronic-book reader that that can store up to 500 books with a clarity said to "rivals the quality of newsprint", and that is able to display up to 10,000 pages before wearing out the batteries.I'm having real issues with this.
The tech-geek in me wants one, absolutely. It's compact, sexy, and space saving; 500 books in the palm of my hand! Why, I could expand my library a million-fold and not have to invest in new shelving. The weight of my Yak Pak would decrease by several pounds as I would no longer need to carry a few dense, weighty, paper volumes with me everywhere I went. The end of pain and strain in my back and shoulders alone is well worth the purchase price.
But as a bibliophile, the though of the Sony Libre makes me unhappy. My brain would still be stimulated, but I would lose the celebration of my other senses that reading normally brings. There is something cold, sterile, and clinical about e-books. They are impersonal, inconsequential, insubordinate, insubstantial.
PCB actually summed it up perfectly. "For you," he said, " it's like the difference between [a marital aide] and actual sex. It's gets the job done, but the sensation isn't the same."
That's it exactly. And I have a voracious appetite.

For reading.

Posted by Sarcasmo on Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Posted by Star on Friday, March 30, 2007
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Friday Follies   

Good Friday morning to all. Here are some links we thought Sarcasmo would have found to be amusing.

All You Need is Latte - this seems innocent enough on the surface. But I suspect a conspiracy to achieve world domination. After all, a little something extra in our cappuccino and we are all following the Pied Piper of Liverpool down The Long and Winding Road. Then the non-caffeinated can inherit the planet. Maybe I need to cut back on my morning coffee. What do you think?

I See London I See France - And you will see them that much better with the Moleskin City Notebook. This link comes courtesy of Vis Major, who rightly surmises that Sarcasmo would have carried the New York and London editions in her messenger bag.

Wouldn't it be Woverly- I could have used this a couple of days ago. Definitely more environmentally friendly than a snow blower since you don't have to plug it in or gas it up. And at the advertised sale price it is slightly more economical that what the neighborhood kids charge.

Not You Mama's Paper Dolls - If you are a bride to be, or a bride want to be you can see how you will look in a Vera Wang. Thanks to Vis Major for this link as well, which brings us back musically to our first link, because, I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends. (Manolo for the Brides)

If you have a link that would have made Sarcasmo go bwah-ha-ha, send it to me, (slf1954@verizon.net) and I will include it in a post. We are also looking for suggestions for some "Best of Sarcasmo" posts. Let us know if you have a favorite or two.

Posted by Star on Thursday, March 22, 2007
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Monday Morning Madness   

Good Monday Morning to you. Here are a few things found around the web we thought you might like.

You can't hang it on the fridge-but it's still pretty cool. Who doesn't want to try this? Thanks to Sarcas-sis for this one. (Uber-Review)

Scratch Paper- and plenty of it. Of course you know I wouldn't be able to find a pen. Maybe they can turn one into a pole lamp?(Popgadget)

And Toto Too-(movie reference #1) what's better than flying monkeys? Yodeling flying monkeys, but of course! The mask and cape are a bonus! ( via I Want One of Those)

Frankly Scarlett-(movie reference #2) you oughta be in pictures; and you; and you; and me too!(Popgadget)

If you have clicked on a link lately that you know would have made Sarcasmo smile , send it along. (to slf1954@verizon.net). We are also planing to re-post some Sarcasmo Classics, so if you have a favorite post or two ( or more. I know it' s hard to choose) let me know that as well. This is a group effort people!

Posted by Star on Sunday, March 18, 2007
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Original Sarcasmo   

*this post originally appeared on March 16,2006

Professional Fashion Woes

I've heard the adage over and over again: Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.

Thing is - I already do. As I want to be a professional writer/evil villain, I sport a mostly black, sort-of rumpled ensemble with just-rolled-out-of-bed hair and slightly unfocused eyes. My expression is almost always far away and slightly devious.

I mean, what else has a girl got to do to get promoted to Most Feared Super Genius and Best Selling Author around here?

You know what's holding me back? I bet it's the cape. I'd wear a long, black flowy one every day - but those things play hell with bus doors - and even evil super geniuses know better than to irritate their local mass transit drivers.

Posted by Star on Friday, March 16, 2007
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And Now A Word From Me   

Thanks. That's the word. Thanks for checking in here at Sarcasmo's Corner from time to time. And, thanks for the emails and especially for the links to Friday Follies, an Monday Madness goodies. I can't do this alone you know. Thanks for all the posts you have written. Sarcasmo would be pleased to know that her minions, uh, I mean her friends, have come to her aid with the written word. So apropos.

It has been suggested that we do some Best of Sarcasmo posts. Capital idea I say. I'll leave the choosing to you, because I think they are all "bests', although I will admit to having a few favorites.

I am going to start putting up Original Sarcasmo posts. The first one will be on Friday.It would have been today, but apparently March 14 was an off day for Sarcasmo since 2003, as I saw nothing created on that date. As they say on TV, if you haven't seen it, it's new to you. If you have seen it,reading it again might make you smile. It did me.

Please keep it coming. I still hope to find silly links, thoughtful posts, and now your picks for the best of in my mailbox:


We want to keep Sarcasmo's Corner on the net and active for all the old friends, and hopefully to introduce it to some new ones. If you are new to the site, please say hello. Your comments as well as any links or posts you want to submit are welcome.

There is much more to come on Sarcasmo's Corner. But I can't spill the beans. First of all, they are someone else's legumes. And, we want to keep you coming back for more.

Posted by Star on Wednesday, March 14, 2007
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Friday Follies   

This makes two Friday Follies posts in as many Fridays. Now, don't go reading anything into it. It's not a regular thing. I have commitment issues. And it's not you, it's me. Before we have to break up, lets get on with the fun-having.

When Geeks Break Up: this is what they say.

Yo-Ho: either this guy has the coolest boss ever, or he is the boss.( thanks to Tim for this one)

She should be dancin': Yeah. I have no doubt that had Sarcasmo seen this shirt she would have worn it. (found it on Shiny Shiny)

Say it Ain't so: Well, maybe it ain't. Stay tuned.

He's no Slouch: our friend Matt has come us with an interesting idea. Check out his comment in the previous post. He is suggesting a "Slouching Towards Bedlam" game day. What do you think? Let us know.

Posted by Star on Thursday, March 08, 2007
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Friday Follies   

And, on a Friday no less. Here are a few things found on the Internet by friends of Sarcasmo, that they are sure she would have shared with you herself.

Move over Kate and Louis- almost as much to buy, here are some custom made book bags. (submitted by Cheryl)

Head to Toe- a handy man to have around. (via Reading Matters)

Armageddon It- what good is ruling the world if you can't destroy it now and then? And, did you get the song reference? (submitted by Sarcas-dad)

If You Liked That Last One- I've got a million of them. Well. a lot of them. A few. Definitely a few. (submitted by Sarcas-dad)

Posted by Star on Friday, March 02, 2007
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