Monday Morning Madness   

Happy Memorial Day to all to whom it applies. I hope you take some time n your three day weekend to remember the reason you have Monday off. Now, since you have some extra free time I thought that there is nothing like:

A Monday Morning Quiz- to waste it on. Take the quiz here.(thanks to Vis Major for the link)

Remember the old days- when the movie came out and THEN they merchandised it? Actually. that was probably before your time. Sarcasmo would have liked this P of C flash drive, because it has Johnny Depp on it. (via ShinyShiny)

Give A Reader A Book- and that is a gift. One book lover has found that the stories often begin before the title page. The Book Inscriptions Project is collecting inscriptions found in books , as well as the story behind it, if known.

3-D- I am intrigued by this, as I am sure Sarcasmo would have been.

As always, we are looking for links Sarcasmo would have posted. Send them to

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And, The Dog Ate My Homework   

I know Internet, I know. You have every right to be annoyed with me. I ask you to come and visit and keep in touch, and then I disappear for weeks at a time. There is no excuse. Except that I have been busy. With what you ask? Well you know, the usual. Work , family, house related stuff, and the season finales of every show on television. There are only so many hours in a day. But enough about me. What's new with you guys?

I wanted to tell you all that I had a chance to meet Duane Swierczynski, author of several novels, and generous friend to the Star C. Foster Writers Prize. In addition to donating signed copies of his books to our auction, Duane offered to name a character in an upcoming novel after the winning bidder. That would be me. He was nice enough to ask what kind of character I would like to be. I told him it was really meant to be Sarcasmo, and he said 'well perhaps a saucy journalist?". Saucy journalist. I think she would like that. What do you think? Of course it is all up to the author. When I hear more about it I will let you know.

Thanks to those of you who have forwarded links for a Monday or Friday post. I have squirreled them away and promise to get one up soon. But then I will need more, people! So lets get cracking shall we? I expect my mailbox to over floweth. ( I was even thinking about putting up a Monday Morning Quiz. Ambitious given my posting frequency of late, but hey, I am goal oriented. So if you see a quiz that would have caught Sarcasmo's eye, send that along as well.

Has anyone given any serious thought to Matt's suggestion of a Slouching Towards Bedlam Day? I am so not a gamer. My skill level peaked way back when Mario and Luigi were jumping barrels . I realize that Slouching is text based and more up my alley, but I still defer to you guys. Evermike has set up a forum for game discussion here.

And, since I know you guys all crave the links, I leave you with this one. It's an original Sarcasmo from May 2005. It is too long to post in it's entirety here, but as always , well worth the read. Just to remember why we gathered her in the first place.

Posted by Star on Wednesday, May 23, 2007
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Friday Follies   

Here comes the weekend. And not just any Friday to Sunday stretch. This weekend includes Cinco de Mayo. A perfect excuse to drink Margaritas, which would make Sarcasmo a happy girl. Although she did tell me that she and tequila had a rocky relationship after a vacation to New Orleans. But everything in moderation.

There is another reason to celerate this weekend. Do you know what it is? Come on all you loyal readers of Sarcasmo's Corner. Think ! Think ! But of course, Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. No need for moderation here. Free Comic Book day was second only to Halloween as a favorite day. I refer you to Sarcasmo's 100 Things About Me List. Notably :

#38-Halloween is my favorite holiday.
#39-This is followed by Free Comic Book Day - which is not a sanctioned holiday, but should be.

And she mentioned it here, as well.

Now , while you wait for Margaritas and comic books on Saturday, here are some links for Friday.

Who's Calling?-It spins and flashes. I would have to download the theme song as a ringtone. (found at Shiny Shiny)

The Rising and the Shining Cannot Be Postponed:- But if I woke up to Jeeves every morning it might not be so bad. (found at Shiny Shiny)

I Didn't Get it Then- and i still don't. This was young Sarcasmo's favorite board game . Just setting it up was confusing. And guess what . I don't play any better online than I did in the living room. (thanks to Vis Major)

Enjoy the weekend. Let us know if you partake in either event.

Posted by Star on Wednesday, May 02, 2007
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