Monday Morning Madness   

The absence of Monday Madness and Friday Follies posts is not due to lack of suggestions from friends of Sarcasmo's Corner. That is not to suggest that my mailbox is overflowing mind you. No, it is more attributable to the fact that there is a mere 24 hours in a day. And so many of those are taken up by a job, where I have no Internet access. The powers that be seem to think we might use for non-business related purposes. I don't know where they get that idea from. And then the Harry Potter book showed up on my doorstep. I was determined to read it before someone spoiled the ending for me which actually involved me putting my hands over my ears and singing because a slightly Potter obsessed co-worker, who got the book a day early, and read it, kept saying to me "Just let me tell you one thing. I promise, I won't tell you the end."

Which reminds me of this word I came across on this blog.

Word of the Day: Abibliophobia (noun)Pronunciation:[ê-bi-bli-ê-'fo-bee-yê]

Definition: The morbid fear of running out of reading material.

While I understand that having nothing to read would be an incomprehensible state of existence, I have to wonder. Does anyone actually fear this?. Could you really ever run out ? Wouldn't you just reread something? And is it a fear of running out forever or at three in the morning when you have read the last page of your book and are still wide awake. I mean, somewhere there is an open Wal-Mart. Maybe it refers to someone shipwrecked on a deserted island without even a ships log to peruse. I need to find the word that defines the morbid fear of the headboard of my bed collapsing under the weight of all the books I am trying to find time to read. They don't let me do that at work either.

What do you think the word is for morbid fear of no more Harry Potter books?

And so to the linkage. I have amassed quite a collection. I usually try to find a common theme among the ones I post. But for this lot, it is just the overriding common denominator. These are thing Sarcasmo would enjoy.

Reading in Bed- just got better. Not to mention cozier. This could help whittle down the stack that wobbles perilously overhead as I snore, er, I mean snooze.(via Cheryl)

Food for the Soul- and other body parts as well.(via Sarah)

Crazed Squirrels-make him think of Sarcasmo. Here's the story. Here's why. This is really a two-fer link. A Friday Follies in a Monday Morning Madness, And a classic Sarcasmo to boot! (via Dan)

That last post is so jammed packed with Sarcasmo I am going to leave it at that for now, Oh, except for this. I can only imagine the sheer delight she would have experienced upon reading about her favorite celebrity playing a character she held in such high regard.( the article about Johnny Depp) (via Phillyist)

*remember- we are always looking for links to things Sarcasmo would have brought to our attention, as well as stories about Sarcasmo, or posts about anything she would have been interested in. Send them to Thanks.

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Hard to believe, but it has been a year since Sarcasmo posted about her friend Tom, and what she termed his "Iambic Insanity".( that girl could turn a phrase, couldn't she?) Tom blogged for 24 hours straight last July, and raised money for his chosen charity, Doctors Without Borders.

This July, he is at it again. From 9 am Saturday July 28th to 9 am Sunday July 29th, Tom and a few friends will be writing , editing and filming a movie in 24 hours. He will post half hourly updates on their progress on his LiveJournal, Maldrobe Warfuntions. You can sponsor Tom and cohorts here. Once again , proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders. A mighty fine bunch of people. The finished 5 to 10 minute epic gets posted on YouTube on the 29th.

The movie makers are accepting lines of dialogue from anyone who pledges a donation of at least $25 on the Blogathon site. I know it I as close to being on YouTube as I am likely to get. At least I hope so. Anyway, the Corner made a pledge, and gets to throw Tom a line. I need some help help from you guys.

"WWSS"- What would Sarcasmo say? What would be the line she would slip to Tom for use in his movie? We have til Friday the 27th to come up with it. Would it involve pirates, monkeys, world domination ,.....?????

Leave your lines in the comments. We will either pick one between us, or if we can't do that, we'll send them all to Tom and make him pick. Get them in ASAP so we can mull them over a bit.

And don't forget to click here to sponsor Tom.

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Hair Metal Flashback   

Sarcasmo's Corner is very happy to be awarding another virtual gold star for sharing. This one goes to friend of the corner, PTBvisiongrrl. PTB (not her REAL name) and Sarcasmo were friends since PTB moved here I think in the fourth grade. (Correct me if I am wrong PTB). She wrote the most wonderful post about her teenage obsession with metal bands and local rockers. Sarcasmo figures promnently in the telling. I enjoyed it so much I asked if she would share it with you all. There are plenty of links for all you linkage junkies.

PTB posted another entry about her getting inked in memory of Sarcasmo. Read it for that reason, but be sure you look at the link to the photos of her tongue piercing. Because it is a series of 7 and the last one is a picture I had never seen of Sarcasmo. She is posing with someone from that metal band era. I did ask PTB who it is, but have since forgotten his name. Maybe she will share that with all of us as well.

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Old School Blogging   

Sarcasmo's Corner awards a gold star for sharing, to Jennifer of Chaos Theory. Jennifer has thoughtfully pre-posted entries on her blog so her faithful readers won't be feeling left out while Jennifer frolics in the Hawaiian Islands. ( way to make the rest of us look bad Jen).

I am linking you to the first of these posts, titled "Old School Blogging Fortnight Begins !" The gold star for sharing comes into play because Jennifer has dedicated the series of posts to Sarcasmo. And she SSHHHAAARRREDD that information with us. Get it? Besides the dedication, Jennifer has identified some Original Sarcasmos, that are definitely worth a second look.

Thanks Jennifer.

It is also , I think, worth noting, that if anyone would appreciate the use of the word "fortnight", it would be Sarcasmo.

Anybody else have something to share ?

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Celebrate Your Independence Wth Original Sarcasmos   

I don't know about you, but I find this holiday in the middle of the week to be somewhat disconcerting. Not to mention confusing. Were we supposed to celebrate last weekend, or next weekend? Or possibly both?

I vividly remember how much fun Sarcasmo had at the Live8 sound checks. I was very surprised to discover that was TWO years ago. Here are links to those posts.

And here is a link to an original Sarcasmo posted July 3, 2006.. One of my favorites.


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