Friday Follies   

I know this will come as no surprise to all of you, that Sarcasmo is still getting press on the internet. ShinyShiny put up their 10.000 post on February 27, and boy are their fingers tired. In it, they give a nod to Sarcasmo and her archived posts. Another way to re-read some original Sarcasmo's. Check it out. Thanks ShinyShiny.

We have a new frend at the Corner. Everyone say hello to UnityOfGoals. Unity had sent the following email :

Hello Sarcasmo!>>>> Was reading an interview you had with Spag, in it you mentioned playing>> inside the books that you had read. I feel the same way! I recently took>> a>> extremely renewed trial at an old game I played and had to refind online>> and>> downloaded the C64 simulator for it! The game, The Nine Princes in Amber!>>>> Been looking for some other alternative means of winning, and only>> accomplished one ending, theres said to be 40!>> Do you know any other hints clues or walkthroughs than the two already on>> the internet? Or any clues or help you may be able to help me with>> specifically on that game?>>>> Thanks,>> Any and all help is very appreciated!>>>> Sincerely,>> UnityOfGoals

When I replied to Unity I let him now that while I have never even finished a game of Mario Brothers , Sarcasmo has many friends who have done that and so much more. If anyone can answer his question leave a comment or email me and I will pass the information along.

Friend of the Corner ptbvisiongrrl , has scooped Good Morning America. A few weeks ago she sent along this link . She said "It's guerrilla improv in NYC. I SO think that this something Star would have loved to participate in.....". I think so too. Especially since it is a group activity. Not unlike a flash mob experience. Here is what Sarcasmo wrote about a pillow fight in Center City that was an organized mob event. She took pictures then, but vowed to participate should she get wind of another such happening. Anyway, one of the videos on the link was a story on GMA this morning. But you heard it here first. Or, you would have if I posted a little more frequently.

The whole Guerrilla thing reminds me of a Sarcasmo story. She was quite the champion of proper use of the English language. The incorrect placement of an apostrophe would make her cringe in despair. She and I had talked about putting out a coffee table book with photos of the glaring inaccuracies that people not only commit with the written word, but put up in public for all to see. (and in most cases, remain unrecognized by the general populace). We were going somewhere in Center City and she had to show me something. She took me past a gym, which at the time, had quite the rep as a place to have your sleek ,toned body see and be seen. Draped resplendently across the facade of the building, many feet tall and several times that as wide, in black bold letters on a white background for all to see was this banner.

(ask inside for details)

She turned to me and said "Don't you just want to go in and ask them when the gorillas will be here?" We didn't. Mostly because we were leery of being tossed out on our smart -asses by some of those sleek toned bodies.

Speaking of sleek toned bodies, here is a link suggested by Friend of the Corner ,Cheryl. Just to be clear I was referring to the Robot when I said sleek toned body. That is not to say that Cheryl is not sleek and toned. She certainly may be. I have no idea. But anyway, Cheryl, sleek and toned or not thought that Gort would make a great big brother for Trotwood. Thanks for thinking of Trotwood Cheryl. He's doing just fine, bidding his time . Just, you know waiting. For that whole world domination thing. If called he will serve.

In addition to those who have offered links for the Corner, we have been hearing from many friends. Just to say "hi, how you doing?" it's been really nice. We appreciate each and every email.

Now,some links I found all by myself!

Online Shopping- I can't understand a word, but this is the coolest online catalog ever!

I'm Blogging This- might possibly kill the mood, quicker than "I have a headache."(via)

You've Got Mail - and it's from you! Send yourself email in the future.

Big Brother s Listening- and telling everybody what you said.(via )

Can You Hear Me Now?- Do you really want to?( via )

EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!- Apparently, even zombies can't make ends meet.

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It's a Great Hat   

Sarcasmo would be so happy. Don't you think?

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Friday Follies   

It comes as no surprise to friends of the Corner that Halloween was Sarcasmo's favorite holiday. The number of posts she did on the subject bears that out. I have no doubt that had she lived long enough to achieve her quest of world domination ( you don't question that it would have been, do you?) that the new world order would have included International observances to celebrate all that is zombified and vampirish.

Valentine's day, she didn't mention much. Every year on or around the 14th of February she posted about it in passing. Even though she gave the day such little acclaim, Sarcasmo was a closet romantic. Sure , in her closet it was probably shoved behind some books, some movies, and her suitcase always ready to be packed But it was there. I am reasonably sure that her Sarcasmic Calendar would have included a day where the gifting of chocolate is traditional. It was, after all, this Valentine's Day post by Sarcasmo that led to her debut as a scream queen. Possibly she would have renamed it though. The other day I read a post on Phillyist where it was touted as "Compulsory Love Day" , and I thought she would have liked that.

So in honor of Compulsory Love Day, here are some links Sarcasmo might have posted.

You Gotta Have Heart - and for the wicked among us there is this one. (thanks Cheryl ! )

Valentine Geekery - Does it look like Mii? I love that there are instructions for putting the head back on. (or not)

So Sarcasmo - At her own wedding ceremony she used famous action figure couples as cake toppers and table centerpieces.

As always, Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to

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