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Aaaah Spring. The time of year a young man's fancy turns to love, or baseball , depending on your quote of choice. Sarcasmos's fancy, as we all know, would be focused on the Philadelphia Film Festival, which starts this Thursday, April 3. In truth Sarcasmo would begin making plans for cinematic excursions well in advance. Usually the day after the end of the previous year's festival. Or so it seemed.

The release of the schedule of films and venues would b anxiously anticipated. Like Christmas morning. Once she had it in her hand, the agonizing began. So many movies, so little time. How much vacation time could she give over to the Film Festival ? How many movies could she manage to see ? How much sleep did she really need anyway, and who can't exist on a diet of movie popcorn and pretzel bites for a week? Oh, and next year, she was springing for the All-Access Film Badge so she could see everything.

She would confer with friends and make a plan on what to see when and where. Her success often depended upon the transportation gods smiling favorably upon her as she raced from one side of the city to the other to be in time to be seated.

And she shared. She blogged reviews here, and on Phillyist.

Here are some original Sarcasmo's that relate to the Philadelphia Film Festival.




Anyone have a Film Festival related Sarcasmo story?

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Posted by Star on Sunday, March 30, 2008
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Not Your Mother's Neil Diamond   

In the summer of 2006, Sarcasmo invited me to see the movie Wordplay with her. I have quite a penchant for crossword puzzles and she, who loved word puzzles was oddly enough, just becoming enamoured of the pastime. We took in the flick at a theater known for showing independently produced and foreign films, as well as the more substantive first run movies. Like any theater we were subjected to previews before the main event. Because of the venue, the previews were for documentaries. No Fanta commercials or trivia sponsored by Coke. One preview was for a film chronicling the life of Leonard Cohen. Sarcasmo nearly jumped out of her seat. "We have to see that" "Sure", I said, who's Leonard Cohen?"

What followed was a conversation of her insisting that I must know who Leonard Cohen is, and me insisting that while he looked like somebody famous, but I wasn't sure who, I had never heard of the man. She finally concluded that while I did not know his name, I surely knew his body of work. Apparently I had been listening to his music forever, and just didn't know it. She tried to come up with a song on the spot. "He sang," she said "Kentucky Woman".

Now, while I may have had the edge over her on crossword puzzles, there were certain subjects in which I would defer to her superior knowledge. That was anything to do with books, anything to do with film, and anything to do with music. But when you're wrong, you're wrong.

Kentucky Woman, I assured her, was sung by Neil Diamond. No, she assured me, I was incorrect, but understandably so as Diamond and Cohen have such a similar sound they are often confused for each other. No, I assured her, I was correct because I had owned the song on vinyl at some point in my life and I didn't own any Leonard Cohen, who, I had never heard of.

So sure were we both in our assertions ( A trait we share. We both tend to think we are always right. ) that neither she, master of the Internet, nor I, who can Google with the best of them, even bothered to look it up.

A few days later,she relented. Neil Diamond might have sung it , but Leonard Cohen must have written it. This time we did look it up, and found that the lyrics were by Neil Diamond as well.

Still determined that I must be familiar with Leonard Cohen she put together a CD of his music for me to listen to. And I did. Even though I found it ,um, a challenge. I did recognize the song Hallelujah, which Cohen wrote, although I much prefer to hear the Jeff Buckley version.
And for the life of me, I have no idea how anyone confuses him with Neil Diamond. But that's just me.

This memory was prompted by an email from friend of Sarcasmo's Corner dbsmall. Knowing of Sarcasmo's affinity for Leonard Cohen he sends us this link. It analyses how Cohen's Hallelujah has crept into our consciousness. It is really interesting and worth a read whether you like Cohen or not. Should you be a fan, Cohen, newly inducted into the Rock and' Roll Hall of Fame, has announced a world tour.

I guess I should try listening to that CD again. Apparently, Sarcasmo was onto something.

As always, Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to slf1954@verizon.net

Posted by Star on Wednesday, March 12, 2008
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