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Ciao, as they say in Italy. After a wonderful vacation we have returned to find that many Friends of the Corner have news to share.
Poppy & Feanor are packed up and ready to move into a new home. When they unpack all those boxes they can give them to Peccable & Trackerneil who are getting ready to do the same. Ptbvisiongrrl can lay claim to being a paid published author. Jenn from Tailspin Hoops announces the launch of a second SuperStar hoop, with part of the proceeds from the sale going to the Star C. Foster Writers Prize scholarship. Sarcas-sis made the cover of a professional journal with her graphic interpretation of the quaternary structure rearrangements available to proteins that use the morpheein model of allosteric regulation. (it's a picture of dice)
And if that's not enough science for you today, here's a link that explains why reading Original Sarcasmo's is key to your evolutionary survival.
And you thought we were only here for the comments!

Posted by Star on Wednesday, June 25, 2008
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All Hail Sarcasmo   

Today is her birthday. Her 35th birthday to be exact. What do you imagine she would think about officially hitting her mid thirties? I looked through her posts for a birthday one, but she never really mentions it. This post is about turning 33, and was written six months before her 33rd birthday. I know I linked to it last year on her birthday, but it is worth another read. Just for good measure, I offer you this Original Sarcasmo as well. It was written 5 days after her birthday in 2006. It is actually the second of two related posts. I particularly like the footnotes, which I found were often where her wit, and yes, her sarcasm, came out.
Last year on June 10, Sarcasmo's family and friends gathered in Rittenhouse Square to dedicate a plaque in her honor. The Square is a lovely place to find some shade on a day like today. We visited on Sunday . The park, which somehow seems way bigger once inside it, than it looks from the outside was full of people relaxing on benches. And lying on the grass. And those looking to entertain the crowd with their own particular talents. And a wedding party marched through. Sarcasmo liked to go there on such an afternoon to read and people watch. She called the park her back yard.
If you go, don't forget to kiss the frog.

Posted by Star on Tuesday, June 10, 2008
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