Monday Morning Madness, California Style   

California here I come. Not alone of course. Other people are going as well. So perhaps I should say California here WE come. And I won't get to all of California. It's a pretty big place. Mostly San Diego. So more to the point it's San Diego here I come. We come, I mean.
While we are all coming and going I hope you find time to follow these links. Complete time wasters. each and every one.

I'm In Love With Her-and wefeel fine. This site collects feelings posted by bloggers. The way it presents them makes you want to keep on clicking.(seen on ShinyShiny)

California Dreamin- Here's a game my computer can play for me while I am away. I have a much better chance of winning if I don't actually participate.(seen on ShinyShiny)

Storybook Love- with light sabers(seen on Maldrobe Warfunctions)

In addition to the links designed to keep you from getting anything of any importance done, I leave you with this one. In the comments of a previous post, Friend of the Corner , Cheryl, told us she was working on a project to digitize the 1836-37 serialized edition of The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. She's done now and invites us all to have a look.

While sunning ourselves on the Pacific coast we hope to squeeze in a visit with Friend of the Corner, Cyn, aka The Pink Haired Girl, in case anyone has any greetings going her way. We deliver.

Posted by Star on Sunday, July 27, 2008
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"There's nobody in here but us monsters" *   

Okay. so I am a little late alerting you to the BlobFest activities in the area this weekend. To be fair, Sarcasmo would have been late as well, but because she had entered the Tin Foil Hat Competition and the Scream Contest. Definitely the Scream Contest. You still have time to make Sunday's Self-Guided Location Tour or the An American Rebel screening.

* a quote from the movie.

As always, Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to

Posted by Star on Saturday, July 12, 2008
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A Rose is a Rose   

When I read this post on Phillyist, I knew it was something Sarcasmo would have shared. Philadelphia is home to many impressive museums. The Rosenbach is not the biggest, or the most recognized. But it was a Sarcasmo favorite. She and I took a tour one day. It was summer, and it was early, so our tour group consisted of just the two of us. Still, the docent was as enthusiatic as if we had been many. He was also very elderly and very hard of hearing. He started by introducing himself, and for a brief moment I feared he was going to ask us our names. This could have been problematic. We have the same first and last name. And our first name is considered unusual, although compared to some I hear these days I don't know why. Under the best of circumstances is is often misunderstood and mis -pronounced. (Seriously-just call us Doris. A lot of people do.) In my humble opinion I thought it was more than he could handle . I also thought we would sound like the beginning of the old television show, "I've Got A Secret"

Contestant # 1-My name is Sarcasmo and I am here for the tour
Contestant #2- My name is Sarcasmo(m) and I am here for the tour.

Anyway, I figured that if he asked , and she went first, I would just lie. Make up a name. I knew she would get it and we would have a laugh later. Fortunately, he didn't ask. When we did exit the building hours later, the first thing she said was ,"If that guy had asked our names, and you went first I was going to lie about mine." See, she she got it.

After the docent gave us some background we were left to our self guided tour. The Rosenbach has many interesting collections. They showcase Maurice Sendak drawings, and Marianne Moore's papers. But the absolute best for us that day were the rare books. The original manuscripts. My personal favorites were the original Charles Dickens manuscripts for Pickwick Papers and Nicholas Nickleby.

This series has Sarcasmo written all over it. It's about vampires, and Dracula , old manuscripts, and the Rosenbach plays a part.

Posted by Star on Wednesday, July 09, 2008
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Happy Fourth of July   

There is no lack of things to do in Philadelphia on the 4th of July. However it appears that today it will rain on most of them. So here is an Original Sarcasmo from July 2006 to help you pass the time in case your parade gets precipitated upon. Or you just feel like having an easy day off. Or, you are like me and work in retail, in which case your idea of a national holiday is when crazy people who are mad at you because their barbecue is moved indoors, descend like locusts , destroying everything in their path and frightening bag boys.
I am pretty sure I have pointed you towards this post before, but it is one of my favorites. Feel free to roam about the archives and pick another if you like.

Posted by Star on Friday, July 04, 2008
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