Monday Morning Madness   

ICan't believe it. Seriously, IAm so excited.Friend of the Corner, Peccable emailed me his bit of news moments ago.

" I saw something on Emily Short (who met Star at the UPenn reading wedid) put on her blog about Slouching Towards Bedlam showing up as partof the free download of Frotz on the IPhone:"

How cool is that IAsk you? Sarcasmo & Peccable, available on ITunes.

Speaking of Peccable, as we were, we spent some time this weekend at the brand new abode he and TrackerNeil now call home. We offer heartfelt congrats to the new mortgage holders. May all your days there be happy ones. Just one question. How will you change that lightbulb?

Equally as nice as touring the house was seeing some Friends of the Corner. Feanor and Poppy, Babyraven, ( or Skinny, as Sarcasdad hailed her) Evermike, Ultimatesean and Suzanne. We said hello to some previous acquaintances and made some new ones. A very nice gathering. Oh, and we hear we missed Vis Major, we are sorry to say.

Despite my busy social life, I did find a few links to share . Enjoy.

IHave- to mention this again. Slouching Towards Bedlam on ITunes.

Attention Sarcasmo Jr.- Going forward it will be The Football Star formerly known as Colonel Mustard in the spa with a baseball bat. Whaddya think? (via Phillyist)

Attention Sarcasdad- She got this from your side of the family.

It has a brain shaped remote- which in itself would be cool. The fact that it controls this, even cooler.

One Could Argue- that this takes the skill out of the mix. Although if you are using this gadget you probably won't waste the energy to argue.(via ShinyShiny)

As always, Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to

Posted by Star on Sunday, August 17, 2008
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Making Lemonade   

We have been back for almost a week and I am still California Dreamin'. First of all I am pleased to report that among all the residents of sunny San Diego we were able to locate Friend of the corner Cynthia. The pink hair was definitely a help in that endeavour. ( only kidding. we used email ). We had lunch at an Asian restaurant where I was pleased to find gyozo on the menu. Not quite as good as I remembered it, but the last time I had it I was in Japan. There is a photo here. Of Cyn, not the gyozo.
San Diego is lovely and sunny. We have history and historic land marks aplenty in Philadelphia. Once you see historic sites in Europe and Asia you realize how current our history really is. Double that for the West Coast. Their old is relatively new even to us.
Illustrating that a city is a city east coast or west, we saw some similarities between Philly and San Diego. One, was the presence of the homeless on city streets. Only in San Diego they were sleeping in parks by the water front, instead of steam grates on the concrete.
I want to share the following vacation tidbit with you, but first I need to make a disclaimer. I do not intend any disrespect towards the homeless. I especially want to make this clear as this is Sarcasmo's blog, and I am merely a caretaker. I share this story with you because, I know she would see the beauty in it.
Sarcasdad and I visited Balboa Park ( as in Balboa the Spanish explorer, not Rocky). Just to give you an idea of the immensity of the area, it is 1200 acres and houses, in just a part of it, the acclaimed San Diego Zoo. There are 15 museums, several gardens, fountains, an art village and a public gymnasium. The Park has a free transportation system. A tram follows a specific route and you can get on and off at designated stops. The tram drivers double as tour guides and keep up a running patter about the sites you are passing by and information about the area.
Sarcasdad and I were the only riders on a tram when it stopped to pick up a a rider waiting on a bench. By his appearance, we judged him to be one of the city's homeless population. He boarded the tram with a polite nod to the driver, whom he greeted by name. She returned the greeting. He sat and the tram got under way.
"Eleanor", said the homeless man, are there any concerts in the park tonight?"
"Yes", replied Eleanor, there is a banjo concert at the bandshell and an organ recital at the Organ Pavillion."
"Thank you Eleanor"
" You are most welcome"
Our fellow passenger alighted at the next stop.
I could not help but think that here is a man who makes the best of his circumstances.

Posted by Star on Saturday, August 09, 2008
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