Movin' on Up   

I just got a very detailed message from the service that hosts his blog. Apparently my server is moving from LA to San Diego. After my recent trip to San Diego I can't say I blame it. They are moving both the data, and the actual physical sever. It says something in among all the technical stuff about starting Monday and ending Thursday. So if this site disappears for a few days worry not faithful reader(s). We shall return after a short ride down the Pacific Coast highway.

Posted by Star on Sunday, September 28, 2008
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Got Pirratude?   

'Scuse me. Don't mind the dust. I am just giving the blog a little sweep. It just had a major cleanup. There's lots more elbow room in here now, thanks to Friend of the Corner Tom. And thanks to him, posting has resumed on it's, ah, slightly erratic schedule.

About 6 weeks ago I got an email from the company that hosts this blog, as well as Wednesday's Off, stating they had moved the database to a different directory That was it. No question, no explanation, just a simple declaration. Two weeks later I was amusing myself on their webpage when I noticed that they apparently required some kind of response from me. What followed was an exchange of emails that made me afraid to post. The database, I was told was too big. They suggested I start removing things from the blog to make it smaller. Knowing my technical limitations I immediately, panicked, and followed up by freaking out. When that accomplished absolutely nothing I reached out to Friends of the Corner, Vis Major & Feanor. Both were kind enough to talk me off the ledge and offer sound advice, and ,supply me with talking points to do what I really dreaded the most.

Calling tech support.

The tech was very patient, although I am pretty sure that by my 9 millionth question he was contemplating a career change and wondering who, in the name of all that is binary based allowed this woman access to the internet. He directed me on how to find the aforementioned database, (This was after he told me it was so big that I was in danger of crashing the server). One look the lines of data and I knew I had no business anywhere near it. The techs advice; "Lady, get a webmaster."

And so I did.

Webmaster Tom lost no time jumping into the fray. He did some behind he scenes nipping and tucking, and, voila! Sarcasmo's Corner remains, the same as it ever was. Only better.

Thanks Tom, and Vis, & Feanor.

If we weren't here, who would remind you all,that, Friday is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yes. Friday. This Friday! Sarcasmo's favorite holiday after Halloween.

Ahoy, we will be clelbratin' at a local pub. Gar.(see, I'm gettin' my Pirate on). And guess where
Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket are marking the day. Right here in Philly! How about you? Are you planning to hoist a pint to the skull and crossbones. If you do, raise one to Sarcasmo as well, if you please. And let us know all about it. Send pictures even. Thanks to the good friends of Sarcasmo's Corner, we'll be here to post it.

Posted by Star on Sunday, September 14, 2008
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Thanks for Sharing   

At the end of most of these posts I ask if anyone has something Sarcasmo related to share. Every once in a while somebody drops me a line, or a link. Several friends of the Corner have opted to paticipate of late. Thank you one and all.

Friend of the Corner Chris sent us this link, because it made him think of Sarcasmo. They went to college togeter, and even then, a misplaced apostrophe would have been cause for consternation. I know she would be applauding these guys, and possibly spearheading a fund raising campaign to help pay the fine. Not that I am suggesting that Sarcasmo would in any way promote the defacing of public property. But I am sure she could have made an argument for change for the common good grammar.

Friend of the Corner Ed passed this along as something he thought Sarcasmo would have enjoyed. I think she would have. Sarcasmo liked ferreting out new and interesting places to eat
in and around Philly. Being on the lookout for a condiment not in this collection would have added some spice to the hunt.

I found this on the blog of Friend of the Corner, Poppy. This would have brought Sarcasmo great joy. And I can picture her, and Poppy and Vis Major sharing the experience at the top of their lungs.

There are only 18 days to go until Sarcasmo's favorite day of the year after Halloween, Talk Like A Pirate Day. Sarcas-sis, aka, Nodeva shared this news with Thor's pre-school. They are planning to do something to mark the day, and that news she shared with me.

Now remember everybody:

As always, Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to

Posted by Star on Monday, September 01, 2008
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