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Can you believe that Thanksgiving is past, and the holiday of your choice season is upon us? Speaking of Thanksgiving, how was yours? Did you eat too much? Are you still contemplating the leftovers? Did you work off the meal at a Black Friday free for all at your local mall? Feanor noted on his blog that on a last minute run to Wegmans on Thanksgiving, he saw people already lined up at Best Buy. Then there was this example of humanity at a Wal-Mart in New York. Why do we as consumers, allow retailers to manipulate us this way every holiday shopping season? As the part in this partnership who gets to decide where the money is spent, you would think we had the power. Instead we line up like sheep to buy something we have been told we have to have, but may not be able to get. (When I say "we" I don't mean me, or, hopefully you either. It's that royal "we"). I think next year we should get everyone to agree not to go. Then I bet those retailers will change their tune! What do you think my chances of that are?

Much like Sacasmo, I like to do my shopping from the comfort of my corner of the sofa. There is never a line at my laptop, and I have never once trampled the UPS guy.

Speaking of Sarcasmo, as we should be, I have news to share. On Nov. 17th, Sarcasmo's employer opened a new facility in Center City. It is an Impatient Hospice Unit, which sounds rather cold and impersonal. The facility is anything but that. It provides those who need it with a place to be that is comfortable, and feels more like a home, than the state of the art care center that it is. Sarcasmo's co -workers made two dedications at the center in her memory. One is this painting of the Frog statue in Rittenhouse Square. The flower bed depicted in the painting is the one dedicated to Sarcasmo in the park. The painting sits over the mantel of a fireplace in a sitting area. There is a plaque on the frame dedicating the painting to her

In the same area there is a skylight with an inscription that reads: "Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy". In memory of Star C. Foster, friend and colleague."

Sarcasdad, and I, the Sarcaskids and the Sarcasmonauts were invited to the grand opening festivities and were given a tour of the center. You, dear readers, know that we generally try not to name names here at the Corner. But we would like to publicly acknowledge and thank all of Sarcasmo's colleagues at UPENN Hospice and Home Care for all of their effort on this behalf. Especially Joan Doyle for the including us, Cindy Celi for staying in touch with us, and making us feel included in the process, and Russ Force for his kindness and attention on the day of the event.

As we were touring, Sarcas-sis suggested that Sarcasmo would be most amused by people seeing her name and wondering, aloud perhaps"who was this Star C. Foster, and why was she so important?" Yes she would.

The Sarcas-sisters also decided that the family area is just crying out for a WII to help keep visiting children (and adults) occupied. If the center agrees that this is an appropriate item to have there we will make sure they get one.

Just last night I got this email from someone who attended the opening with us. We call her Foster Daughter.

"I've been thinking how nice it was that the painting and skylight had been dedicated to Star. I had a nice time at dinner too. Yet, there was something missing.....books! There was no library or even a bookcase. Is there a way to donate those things to the hospice? Can we just rename it the Star C. Foster wing?
Just a thought."

Hmmmm. Books. What a thought. I think the renaming the wing thing might be a little much. Especially when you consider that some major funding was provided by some major corporations. But books, well, how did we all miss that opportunity? I'm thinking some classics. What do you think? Maybe we could get them to set up a little book nook and call it......Sarcasmo's Corner ! Or maybe not. I do like the book idea though.

Sarcasmo's coworkers have also placed a brick in her memory at the new Ruth and Raymond Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine walkway across from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Due to time constraints we haven't been to see that, but we will soon.

Now, while I have your undivided attention ( I do, don't I?) I cannot let this pass without mention, because I know Sarcasmo not have let us ignore it. Guns N Roses released a new album. Sarcasmo was a fan. A big fan. Songs like "Sweet Child o Mine" and "Cold November Rain " always conjurs up a memory of her rocking out or debating the merits of Apptetite For Destruction vs. The Spaghetti Incident? . Anyone care to offer up a review of the album? And do you think Sarcasmo would go for the new Axl Rose look?

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Posted by Star on Saturday, November 29, 2008
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Now, Where Have I Heard That Before ?   

I need to correct a statement made in the previous post. "Slouching Towards Bedlam" is being used in class at Seton HILL University, not Seton HALL. Or as Prof. Dennis Jerz explained it in his email;

"That's Seton Hill University........near Pittsburgh, not the New Jersey school with the similar name."

I am sure that a few of you are having a good chuckle over the irony of the situation. And to those same few, I must say, isn't it funny the way things go sometimes? For those of you who have no idea what I am referring to, you'll just have to trust me. There is irony.
Prof. Jerz explains that both Universities are named after Elizabeth Ann Seton ,the first American-born saint. And his school is on a big hill, hence the name.
I have had the pleasure of walking that " hill". It is lovely and tree lined and steep. I am not sure that the word "hill" does it justice. Really it is a hill on a hill, as all of Greensburgh Pa. seems to be on an incline. Actually, most of western Pa. is elevated.
Sarcasmo attended the University of Pittsburgh. Her second year she moved into dorms at the top of what was called "heart attack hill". After all this time I can't remember if we called it that after walking up it from the center of town, or if other people called it that as well. The "hill" was a long enough incline to include a hospital campus somewhere around the middle of it. I think a couple of parents stopped off for hits of oxygen on their way up.

Many thanks to Prof. Jerz for setting the record straight. Had I paid a little more attention to detail I would have noted that the link Peccable provided for us says Setonhill.edu, not Setonhall.

Sorry for the confusion. One small letter can really make a big difference.

Posted by Star on Friday, November 07, 2008
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There Was Dancin' in the Streets   

Wow , what a week ,huh ? Halloween, the Phils won the World Series, Halloween, and Americans go to the polls in record numbers to elect the country's first African-American President. And Halloween. Makes you wonder what will have us out dancing down Broad street next!

Speaking of Halloween, Friend of the Corner, Chris has something to share. Here he is in his very first ever pirate costume.( that's him on the right).

According to Chris, the costuming was touch and go for a while, but in the end he made a fine buccaneer. Arrrgh !

I do , as I mentioned in the previous post have some Sarcasmo related news. First there was an email from Peccable, letting us know that "Slouching Towards Bedlam" was being used as a teaching example, in a class called "Writing for the Internet", being taught at Seton Hall University! How cool is that? Peccable provided us with this link where you can read reviews and responses from the class. Sarcasmo would be most pleased to know that the IF game she and Peccable created was being used to inspire other writers.

That's not all. Sarcasmo's co-workers from PENN Home Care and Hospice Services, have remembered her with two dedications at the new Penn Hospice at Rittenhouse unit. They have commissioned a painting of the Giant Frog area in Rittenhouse Square , and have purchased a skylight in her memory. In addition they have placed a brick at the new Ruth and Raymond Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine walkway across from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, in her name. We greatly appreciate all the time and effort the staff of Penn Home Care and Hospice Services has put into this endeavor.

I know Sarcasmo would have had some keen insights about this last election. Here is an Original Sarcasmo she posted the day before the 2006 elections. Enjoy, but remember that all the links may not still be active.

One thought before I go. It is only 359 days til Halloween. Times a wastin' people. Lets get cracking on those cotumes!

As always, Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to slf1954@verizon.net.

Posted by Star on Wednesday, November 05, 2008
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