All You Zombies Show Your Faces*   

Last Sunday I accompanied Thor to a performance of the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice and Wonderland. We enjoyed the play at Plays & Players on Delancy Street in Center City Philadelphia. Before the show began, we were subjected to what was essentially a commercial for the theater, and the theater company. Not that I minded. I had paid half of the already conservative ticket prices by going through the Philly Fun Guide, making it a less expensive outing than a movie. And we all know how many commercials you sit through there.
Anyway, coming soon to the theater is "William Shakespeare's Land of the Dead". It is billed as a "true and accurate account" of a fictional zombie plague in London circa 1599. Shakespeare meets zombies in the Globe Theater.
That has Sarcasmo written all over it. I know she would have been there. Most definitely on zombie costume night. Possibly at every performance. In the play if she could have been.
A visit to the Plays & Players website held even more zombie related fun. Declaring it Zombiedelphia month , they have planned pub crawl, parties and zombie make-up classes.
Anyone else looking to free their inner zombie?

* from "All You Zombies", by the Hooters.

Posted by Star on Sunday, January 25, 2009
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Friday Follies   

Even though we are 16 days into it, I wish you all a Happy New Year. The word "hope'' is getting a lot of play lately, so let me say that ;

I hope:

President -elect Obama is up to the task.

In 2009 peace replaces war in the news.

Those arrows next to the stock market numbers start pointing up instead of down.

That you enjoy these links.

Really Beautiful Wallpaper - for your iPhone, not your wall. Friend of the Corner Vis Major sent this link to us. I would have a tough time choosing just one, but Vis is pretty sure Sarcasmo would have gone with this one.

More Art- this time for your wall, not your iPhone. This link was sent to us by Friend of the Corner Cheryl. She says they are awesome, and Sarcasmo would have said the same.

So Sayeth I- that Sarcasmo would have been gleeful about these minigames. If for no other reason than she could virtually suit up as a knight.

Down the Rabbit Hole- has it's own day. Will you participate ? If you do let the corner know and we will lnk to it. Most likely I will run around saying "I'm late, I'm late"(via)

She Could Pick 'Em- I don't know if he was a secret rock star boyfriend, but he was definitely one of Sarcasmo's crushes.

Mahvellous dahling- and I quote the lovely Vis Major (aka Princess Pink)"I am confident that Star would've, spent... a LOT of time building her own superheroes at" . She isn't the only one.

The Corner thanks one and all for sticking with us for another year. And, as always,
Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to

Posted by Star on Tuesday, January 13, 2009
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