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Thanks to young Thor, I have been introduced to Word Girl. A cartoon about a 10 year old girl who has a Super Hero secret identity. Word Girl catches the bad guys and simultaneously corrects their improper word usage. Who ( or is it whom) does that make you think of ? (I know it's who). And her sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, is a monkey ! Huh? Huh? Are you seeing it? The episode I saw opened with Word Girl, in her real life persona as Becky Botsford, waiting in line outside of a bookstore for the midnight release of a novel with along with other devotees, many of whom (!) are in costume. Is it working for you yet? I don't want to give away too much but the villain steals a copy of the book and threatens to read it before the official release. There is a robot involved but he is in the control of the bad guy. A little creative license we can overlook. You can check out Word Girl on tv, or on Youtube. If you do, let me know if you see a resemblance. For a more in depth look, here is her interview with Jim Lehrer.

In honor of Word Girl, here are some wordy links !

No Less than Three People- No more either. But exactly three people sent me a link to this.. It's a Corner record. And a pretty solid indicator that Sarcasmo would have linked to it. Thanks to Nodeva, Vis Major & Ptbvisiongrrl.

OOOO-OAK-Lahoma-If you need a reason to visit, here it is. Wonder if there is a Word Girl exhibit?

Steampunkeriffic- a clock that plays with you ! Thanks again to Vis Major.

And, now for the news.
Ptbvisiongrrl - has an official release date for her novella, the first in a series. July 16th. We'll keep you apprised of any updates, as long as the author apprises us.

Sarcasmo- or rather one of her photos appeared on a blog about BBC radio. Thanks to Andrew for letting us know. I thought twice about posting the link because of the photo. So I applied the Sarcasmo test. Would she have posted it ?Without a doubt. If you have a doubt please refer to the name of the blog.

TrackerNeil- has announced two shows for March. You can catch his stand-up comedy on Friday, March 20, 1100 Walnut Street, 7:00pm -8:30pm,$10 admission, and, Tuesday, March 24, 208 at Screwballs on W Biedler Road King of Prussia PA,8:30pm - ?, no admission but a drink . minimum. He's on Youtube too, just like Word Girl.

Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to

Posted by Star on Saturday, February 21, 2009
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Saddest Birthday Party Ever   

As you well know, Sarcasmo was a student of the dance. A serious student in as much as she took ballroom dance lessons. In addition to the lessons her school offered a weekly dance party where students could go and put their best foot forward by dancing with other students and their invitied guests. She referred to it as the "saddest prom ever". I got to go with her once and I could see the basis of the analogy. It was also the Halloween celebration night so that added a bit of a surreal overtone. Where else would you see Zorro fox-trotting with a bumblebee?

This isn't about the dancing, but I wanted to give you a frame of reference so you will know why ,on Sunday, the phrase "saddest birthday party ever" came unbidden to my brain.

The web site said it was for "children of all ages". There would be readings and music and food, and the celebration would culminate in a walk to the park where part-goers would sing "Happy Birthday" to the statue of Charles Dickens in Clark Park. Sounds like fun, right?

We were a little late because of a previous engagement. We arrived at the appropriate building on the University of the Sciences campus where the festivities were to begin. Two young men opened the doors at the balloon festooned entry. We entered into a hallway where there were tables covered with party food, and, not another soul in sight. Sarcas-sis and I both thought we were the only ones who showed up. The young doormen directed us up a flight of stairs. They said the party had already begun.

We opened the door at the top of the stairs expecting to find gaiety and frivolity ensuing. Instead we found a lecture hall, painted the most hideous shade of green I may have ever encountered, and populated by what appeared at first glance to be , well shall we say, children of an advaned age, dressed in shades of grey and brown. Except for the creepy looking guy in the end seat with the big furry animal puppet on his hand. He was wearing a bright pink shirt.We were spotted immediately, me Sarcas-sis, Sarcas-dad and Thor, so ther was no graceful way out. As we looked for four seats together, near the door, and not near the guy with the hand puppet I realized that there were indeed younger people in the room. They all just looked old, and grey and brown.

There was a reading of Martin Chuzzlewit by a man in a well worn tux. He did it complete with voices. It was about a funeral. We heard from a man known as Philly Poe in an alternate universe, about the connection between Poe and Dickens. We apparently were spared his usual attire of a silk fighter's robe that says "Philly Poe " across the back. We thought we had missed the musical entertainment, but there was an encore. A duo who had lovely acappella voices sang some Victorian ditties. We were invited to sing along, and actually Sarcas-dad did. Sarcas-sis and Thor managed to sneak out somewhere between the song about someone dying because the ate something and one about leaves.

At the end a hat, a top hat, was passed for donations for the park. The man in the pink shirt let the puppet put his in. We snagged Thor a piece of birthday cake and made our way out the door and to the playground in the park. From our vantage point on the monkey bars we watched the 'children of all ages" march with laurel wreathes in hand to the statue of Dickens.

"I don't want to sing Happy Birthday" said Thor.

Sarcasmo and I would have had a great laugh over the saddest birthday party ever.

Posted by Star on Wednesday, February 11, 2009
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