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Wow, it's been a while since we've gathered, hasn't it? Life has been a bit hectic of late. I took a road trip to visit Sarcasmo Jr. And by visit I mean moving and unpacking. I kid, it was fun. If ,however, by chance, anyone took video of us maneuvering the box with the new dining table and chairs in it, from the car to the door of the complex, we think you have a shot at the $10,000 prize on AFHV. We want our cut.

There was also a sleepover with Thor , culminating in a fun trip to The Franklin. Even if it is all new and hip, it is still The Franklin Institute to me, thank you very much. I think Sarcasmo would agree with me on that. I thought of her as we toured the Narnia exhibit at The Franklin (Institute). She was the fan of the books. I can picture them, as they were shelved, on the bottom row of her bookcase. I never read them, but think I will now.

Oh, and I found Twitter. Enough said.

The last time I posted I was itching to tell you about Friend of the Corner Cheryl. She was on the Short List to be a finalist on Canada Writes. Unfortunately, the list of finalists was not up on their site until after I posted. Cheryl did not make the finals, but she was a semi finalist selected from among hundreds. Way to go Cheryl. I hope you plan to try again. The Corner was very excited that we may have a reality radio star in our midst. Read her butt-kicking entry here.

Friend of the Corner Chris will have two articles published in the May/June issue of Dirty Linen Magazine. He describes it as "The Rolling Stone of the folk music world". Very impressive. I shall be looking for a copy. Chris also interviewed the lovely and talented Deni Bonet, which was one of those "boy it's a small blog world" moments for me, as I have been following Deni's blog for years.

Friend of the Corner TrackkerNeil has made the papers. And , bonus, they spelled him name correctly. He will be making several appearances in the Philadelphia area. If you can make any of them I know he would love to see you, Me too, as I plan to be at one or two of them.

Here are some links I found in between tweets.

Found in in my Inbox- from Vis Major. (thanks Vis) She said " This Lady Cthulu purse/bag might not have been something Sarcasmo used, but I betcha at least some of her readers would want it. You know, for storing tortured souls. Or your keys. To each her own"

Surprised This Wasn't in my Inbox- from Sarcas-sis. The Sarcas-girls knew this movie word for word. It was their own sort of Rocky Horror Picture Show, only with cheerleaders.

1001 Uses For Duct Tape- could be the working title for this. although, most likely it isn't.

Speaking of Movies-Sarcasmo would have been first in line to see this one . I think she would have liked this poster too. (via)

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Posted by Star on Wednesday, March 18, 2009
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