Friday Follies   

The weather person on the morning news said this was the ninth straight day of rain in our area. NINE DAYS. And for much of the time it was pouring buckets. So I can blame the last nine days of blogging malaise on the weather. I am still looking for excuses for the rest of the time.
Thankfully, you guys have not dropped the ball. I still get linkage from you to share.

Save the Words- Thanks to Friend of the Corner Jess, you too can nurture a word by giving it a loving place in your vocabulary. The adoption agreement states “I hereby promise to use this word in conversation and correspondence, as frequently as possible to the very best of my ability.” Words like pamphagous and ictuate are waiting. How can you ignore their pleas ? Seriously, they are crying for help Turn the sound up!

Bonus- found this site while trying to find the meaning of pamphagous. Sarcasmo would so have been a member.

Dark Tower- Friend of the corner Feanor sent this to my inbox. It is possible this was posted before, but even if, it's worth another mention. Sarcasmo so loved this game. Unfortunately the joy was not shared by the rest of the family. Eventually the actual game went missing. ( I am innocent, I swear). She eventually found it on EBay, and eventually found friends to play it with her.

King's Quest- Sarcasmo had great fun doing voices on this project. Something I think she might have pursued. Friend of the Corner Peccable sent us this news:

"Apparently, the game's due to come out this summer. He and the team would like to have a portion of the credits dedicated to Star's memory and they'd like to display an image of her along with that of her character. He's asked if we can send one along."

Pretty cool, huh? We'll keep you posted.

These Just Got Funnier- as I went down the list. Not necessarily limited to spouses.

Halloween in May- Sarcasmo nirvana I'm thinking.

Next They'll Unionize- Trotwood is a member of the family. Apparently all robots are not so lucky.

Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to And I promise to try and post it more promptly.

Posted by Star on Thursday, May 07, 2009
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That Was the FCBD That Was.   

Once again , dear friends, I find myself telling you that today WAS Free Comic Book Day. Mea Culpa. Luckily, a few Friends of the Corner did remember. In my defense I can yell you that it even snuck up on Sarcasmo now and then. If you participated, tell us all about it. Maybe next year I'll remember to post about it before the actual day of. I think I need a volunteer to give me a tweet. Anyone? Anyone?

Posted by Star on Saturday, May 02, 2009
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