Friend of the Corner Meera sent us the following email:

"I just was watching an old movie last night, “The Lady Eve”. The entire time I
kept thinking, who does Barbara Stanwyck look like… I just can’t place it… and
then I realized. Star looked exactly like her."

My initial reation was. "Really? Barbara Stanwyck?" Understand that my relevant Barbara Stanwyck period of reference was her days as the matriarchal mother on "Big Valley". So I couldn't imagine it.

But Meera cited this photo. And right here, in this picture, with her head tilted just that way, I can sort of see the resemblance. Not so much a look-a-like . More a similar appearance, or spirit. So far it is only Meera and myself on the same page. Sarcas-dad and Sarcas-sis say they just don't see it. And. Sarcasmo Jr. has not offered an opinion.

What would Sarcasmo say ? (WWSS?) About the photo, I don't know. We rarely see ourselves as others do anyway. I do think she would be delighted by the association. She was a film aficionado and had a special appreciation of the black and white genre. The film employs both slapstick and satire *, Definitely right up Sarcasmo's alley. #

I have not seen the movie, "The Lady Eve", have you.? I looked it up online and it is on many must see lists. Like this one. And this one.

Do you see what Meera sees? Have you seen the movie?

Does anyone ever tell you that you resemble someone famous?

And the most important query, WWSS ?

*so says Wikipedia. as I said, I have not yet seen the movie.

# did you notice? I snuck in an original Sarcasmo. Enjoy!

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Posted by Star on Sunday, July 05, 2009
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