That Was The Month That Was   

This isn't a confession or anything, but, well it has been more than a month since my last post here. Not that I haven't thought of you in all that time. In truth I thought of you often.
I would like to tell you about all the fun filled days ,the exciting new trails I blazed, and the time I spent reflecting on world peace while you patiently waited for me. (thanks for that) It would be nice even to tell you that I cleaned out a closet or two in all that time. Alas, none of that would be true. It is just the day-to-day that has kept me from my keyboard. That, and I have had nothing to say.
I waited patiently for my muse. Cajoled, begged and pleaded even. Absent any help from that quarter, I surfed around looking for links to post, but I don't have the knack for finding them like Sarcasmo did. I checked my inbox now and then, just in case, but apparently you guys have been reflecting on world peace and/or cleaning closets as well.
Then it dawned on me. While I may be at a loss for blog fodder, we all know someone who rarely had blogger's block.
Return with me now to hose thrilling days of yesteryear. To August 2005. A time picked totally at random, but not without context.

From August 1 2005- She's the Queen of Cool.

From August 9 2005- Proof that we're related. I have the same affliction when typing the word "the", and my name. And the sidebar alone is worth the click.

From August 17 2005- It could have been the end of the world as we knew it. But it wasn't.

From August 23 2005- Post Apocalyptic Summer Camp.

So there you have it. Links and Original Sarcasmo's all rolled into one.You may choose to think I took the easy way out. I prefer to think that I found my muse.

One more thing. Ptvissiongrrl 's got it covered. Take a look.

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Posted by Star on Saturday, August 15, 2009
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