Aye mateys. Hard as it may be fer t' believed, yet another year has passed us by. Arrrgh. Talk Like a Pirate Day be upon us. Bein' as twill fall on a Saturday this year, the partyin' should begin with the risin o' the sun and carry on til the last pirate falls face down in the rum.
Now, bein as I am not not the Cap'n of my ship, come Sat. I'll be swabbin a deck or two. But, for you who be chartin' their own course I hope you hoist a pint to the day, and, should ye be willin', one to Sarcasmo as well.

She was as fine a pirate as ever there was.

In her own words. YAR

Talk Like a Pirate Day- September 19, 2009

Posted by Star on Thursday, September 17, 2009
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Into the Fringe & Out Again   

I had expected to tell you all about my first Philly Fringe experience. To me, the yearly festival is very much a Sarcasmo related event, as it was through her that I was even aware it existed. We had tentative plans of attending something, sometime, but never quite found the right venue at the right time for both of us.
Somewhere I stumbled across a list of festival offerings deemed family friendly. A play titled Fractured Fairy Tales is being performed at the Walking Fish Theater, a place I have been wanting to check out for a while. Perfect! Accompanied by young Thor, his Mom Sarcas-sis, and by default the yet to be born Sparkle, we made our way to the play. Only to be told it was sold out! My fault for not getting tickets online ahead of time. But who knew a $5 ticket to an original play in a theater that was converted from a row home in an area of the city not known for attracting visitors would be such a draw? Who knew? Although disappointed, we salvaged the day with non-Fringe related activities.
Since I have no review for you, I have some links to help you laze away the unofficial last day of summer.

Zombies - Friend of the corner Jenn, send us this link, and says " found this for Sarcasmo and thought she would have been all over this. " Yes, most likely. Thanks Jenn

Post Rapture Pet Care - from Friend of the Corner, Trackerneil. The more I read this the funnier it gets. You have to hand it to the animal loving, moral, ethical, no crminal background encumbered atheists.They found a niche and filled it as only they could. Thanks TrackerNeil.

Going All In- How is that for a title ? Friend of the Corner ptbvisiongrrl announces the release date of her book! September 24. A mere 17 days from Labor Day. Two days after the first day of Autum. And according to my calendar, 12 days after National Be Nice to Mice Day. Thanks ptbvisiongrrl (aka Lillian Ridgeway)

That is one link from an entrepreneur, one from a stand-up comedian, and one from an author. We are an eclectic group, are we not?

Now some links from little old me.

Not the Motel 6 - Sarcasmo loved to travel. She never put too much emphasis on where she was staying, as it was just a place to out your head at night. On this website the emphasis is where you rest your weary bones.

Werewolves - We started with zombies so why not end with werewolves? Sarcasmo would have probably coveted these nesting lycanthropes. (via)

Sarcasmo's Corner is hoping you will participate in this blog by sending links Sarcasmo would have posted, stories, commentary, or whatever you feel appropriate to slf1954@verizon.net.

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