All Hail Sarcasmo, and Her Friends   

Clearly as you are reading this, I have stopped wringing my hands and cursing my wretched fate. It's tough to type and wring at the same time.
Relief has come in the person of Friend of the Corner, Wandering Star, ( how appropriate is that alias in this situation ?) who has gallantly stepped forward to facilitate moving Sarcasmo's Corner. By facilitate, I mean he is doing it all. He is optimistic, and so am I.
As with any move, things don't always go back into place right away. Since we don't know what the initial result will look like, WS suggested a please excuse our dust post until he neatens it up. So this is it.
To all of you who, like myself, lack technical expertise but sent wishes of good luck, and moral support, I want you to know that it means a lot. And a big thank you to this Friend of the Corner who also offered his assistance.
What a tribute to Sarcasmo that her friends are there for her.
See you when the dust settles. And if anyone wants to help with the unpacking, well,

Sarcasmo's Corner invites you to participate on this blog. If you have any stories to share, or links you think Sarcasmo would post, please send them to; . Or leave them in a comment. We thank you all for keeping Sarcasmo's Corner a place for her friends to gather.

Posted by Star on Thursday, March 04, 2010
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