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Vis Major wished me a Happy Towel Day this morning. Were it not for Sarcasmo, I would not know what Towel Day is, or that it even existed. I figured there was probably an appropriate original Sarcasmo to mark the day, so I searched the archives. Since the big move, the search feature on the blog itself is a little wonky. But this was an easy quest as Towel Day is the 25th of May. So I paged through the archives. May 2006; 2005;2004;2003;. Found nothing about Towel Day, Douglas Adams, or Hitchhikers.
What I did find was that Sarcasmo was loquacious, even for her, in the merry month of May.
So I wish you all, a Happy Towel Day. And urge you to pick a May. Any May. And pick an Original Sarcasmo to share with all of us. And if you find a reference to Towel Day, feel free to point out my oversight. I have a bit of a time constraint as, unlike everyone else in the free world I do not have access to the internet at work. Work to where I should have been gone 10 minutes ago !

Posted by Star on Tuesday, May 25, 2010
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Recycle Responsibly   

Today Sarcas-dad and I visited the local city recycling center and disposed of an old laptop battery. It was quite a simple task. I could not help but compare it to the time Sarcasmo wanted to dispose of an old, broken computer monitor. Simple? Of course not. But it made for a great Original Sarcasmo, complete with references to Alfred Hitchcock movies, and Sarcasmo's faithful minion Trotwood.
I get to recycle that post for you thanks to Friend of the Corner, Wandering Star, without whom the Corner would be a nice place to visit, but not a place to post to. Despite Blogger's handy dandy migration tool, the move was not without glitches, late night emails, and although he never let on I imagine there was a new level of frustration experienced. But here we are. Thanks Wandering Star.
Now that we are settled in our new digs I hope to get back to posting all kinds of fun stuff. You know what that means:

Sarcasmo's Corner invites you to participate on this blog. If you have any stories to share, or links you think Sarcasmo would post, please send them to; . Or leave them in a comment. We thank you all for keeping Sarcasmo's Corner a place for her friends to gather.

Here's one, just to ease back into it. An alphabet
Sarcasmo would love. Recycled from Friend of the Corner Cheryl.

Posted by Star on Wednesday, May 12, 2010
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