All Hail Sarcasmo   

Today is her birthday. She would have been 37. What do you think would have her attention these days? Having already portrayed the victim of a zombie attack in an independent film, and a pirate on haunted ship, done voice over work for video game, co-authored ,with Peccable, an award winning IF game, road tripped around Europe with her sisters, did karaoke in Tokyo with Sarcas-sis and her BIL, visited London solo, wrote for Phillyist & Shiny Shiny, not to mention building a global following with this very blog, well, what would be next ? I don't pretend to know, but without a doubt it would be interesting, and she would be giving it her all.

Speaking of that global blog following, I very recently made a new friend, thanks to Sarcasmo. Someone I already knew but had never met. He has been stopping here at the Corner for years. Not a fellow blogger, or a personal acquaintance, justme_in_here wandered through one day, liked what he read and stuck around. He commented off and on, first here and later on Wednesdays Off as well. As if by some sort of telepathic connection, just when I would be wondering if he had forgotten about us, he would post a comment or send an email.

That's just how it happened one day in May. I wondered and he emailed. He was here in Philly on business and had been to Rittenhouse Square, but hadn't found the plaque. I gave him directions and invited him to breakfast.

I have to deviate from the story for a second and just let you in on this. If you tell people that you are planning to meet up with a person who you only know from an online relationship, chances are they will assume he is an ax murderer. I'm just saying. Back to the story.

As we ate , justme_in_here shared his photos from his trip to Philly with me, Including, photos of doorways. Inspired, he said, by Sarcasmo.

She is still, an inspiration.

If you feel inspired today, toast her with a Starbucks. Or dance to the music, even if everyone is watching . And if you can, kiss the frog.

Posted by Star on Wednesday, June 09, 2010
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