We Take the Fifth   

I was looking for an Original Sarcasmo that related to the Fourth of July. What's that you say? Today is the fifth of July ? A day that does not even warrant capitalization ? Ah well, yesterday was a holiday. Technically, as my fair city, the US Postal Service, and many union employees are celebrating the Fourth falling on Sunday by having off today, it is still a holiday. The second Fourth. The Fourth, part II.
It doesn't matter anyway. This Original Sarcasmo was posted July 3, 2006, ( otherwise known as Fourth of July, the prequel ) and has absolutely nothing to do with Independence Day. (the day, not the movie, which, it has nothing to do with either.)
The link it appears, takes you to all the posts for July 2006. Possibly something to do with all the moving around. All of the posts are worth a read. The one I am referring to is :

My Life with That Know It All Bast... Jeeves

All because she couldn't find a decent pencil.

Enjoy !

Oh, and may the Fourth be with you, which admittedly was more amusing yesterday, and actually somewhat funny on May the fourth.

Posted by Star on Monday, July 05, 2010
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