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My usual line-up of work and household chores was put on hold this weekend for fun with family and friends. (note to self: more of that). On Saturday night all that could gathered around a very big table at a very nice restaurant, that, Sarcas-bro just happens to manage. It is a rare occurrence for us all to be seated at the same time.1&2 Looking around the table, young Thor noted that we are a lot of people. I agreed, reminding him that not everyone had been able to make it, so our family was really larger. And I told him that the assemblage represented half of his gene pool. Usually quick with a snappy comeback, Thor was uncharacteristically silent. The occasion was important enough that Sarcasmo Jr. made the 4 hour trip home to be with us. In the course of a conversation she , myself and Sarcas-sis discovered that we had all been friended on Facebook by an old boyfriend of Sarcasmo's. A name we had not heard in a long long time. And we all agreed it was weird.
On Sunday morning Sarcas-dad and I had a date for breakfast with Sarcasmo's roommate from her college days at Pitt. We hadn't heard from her in a long time either, but in this case we were very happy she friended us. Sarcasmo Jr was able to join us and we all had a delightful meal and some conversation around a much smaller table.
Before we parted, Kelly gave us photos of Sarcasmo from those college days. We remembered their off campus apartment that had a definite slant in the floor, and a red flashing light in the coat closet from a piece of street signage that had found it's way there mysteriously. Or so they said.There were photos from Sarcasmo's wedding and I said to Kelly that I had forgotten that she knew this person and that person who were friends of Sarcasmo's but who had not gone to Pitt. Sarcasmo had that knack, of bringing people together from all the different parts of her life, and making them friends as well.
Guess who was in one of the pictures.
Yep. The old boyfriend.

1 Not that we stayed seated for long. There was seat trading and baby walking and restroom trips. And the restaurant is situated in among some quaint little shops so there was some between course shopping. In fact at one point between the smokers, the leg stretchers, the baby walkers and the shoppers, Sarcas-sis was heard wondering out loud "who is left at dinner?"

2 Our poor patient waiter had taken very detailed orders from the lot of us only to find that few of any of us were in our original seats when he returned with dinner. Noting his distressed we returned to our places. It was not unlike a Chinese fire drill.

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Posted by Star on Sunday, August 08, 2010
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