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As we all be knowin', Sunday be Talk Like a Pirate Day. I have be brushin' up on me scurvy pirate-speak to get ready, as actually speakin' like a scurvy pirate, on TLAPD seems like a extra Sarcasmo thin' to do.* (Aye !). Truth be told though, Sunday is the day I catch up on me deck swabbin' and tidying up the crow's nest. So mostly, I'd be speakin' to meself.
This particular Sunday we be celebrating a birthday. Tis a matter of convenience, to be sure, as the actual event is on Monday. But on Monday all the landlubbers have to walk the plank.
So, for this Sunday we will be singing this little sea shanty.

Grog filled birthday to ye,
Grog filled birthday to ye,
Grog filled birthday ,dear Sarcas-dad,
Grog filled birthday to ye,
'N many more to ye

I put the Happy Birthday song lyrics through a Pirate Translator and that is how it came out. Apparently pirates equate grog with happiness. Hmmmmm. This pirate thing is looking better and better. Hopefully when we sing it out loud we won't be owing royalties to a coupe of old swashbucklers.
In case you have no one to talk to either, here are a couple of pirate related links to keep you busy.

The Original - it all started somewhere.

The Classic- Inconceivable !

The Really Big Stretch- everybody is jumping on board.

Fair Winds Mateys.

*When you click on this link, it takes you to the whole month of archives. I wanted to highlight the Sept.18 post. But feel free to read them all. Original Sarcasmo's each, and every one.

Posted by Star on Saturday, September 18, 2010
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