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A few, well really more than a few, days back I opened an email from Friend of the Corner Vis Major. She had sent me a Sarcasmo related Halloween link, and I thought to myself, "wow, that Vis Major is really ahead of the game. Here she is looking for Halloween stuff and it's only..................OCTOBER 11TH!!!!!!
Now, you know as well as I do , that by October 11th, Sarcasmo would have been in Halloween high gear. Every detail of the costume she had been designing since the day after last Halloween would be finalized. As well as those of the back-up costume, and , the back-up to the back-up costume. Gory, gruesome makeup would have been applied and removed and reapplied in order to approximate the appropriate level of zombie-ism. (zombie-ness?) And, right about now, she would be embarking on her traditional Halloween week vacation. A week off from work was the only way she could fit in all that Halloween had to offer. After all , ships don't haunt themselves you know.

Just in case you don't have enough to fill your week with Halloween hi- jinks, here are some spooky links.

Spider Webs- from Vis Major, a link she thinks Sarcasmo might have posted. Thanks Vis !

Oh the Horror- Rocky Horror to be exact. I am sure there a bajillion (more than a bamillion but less that a bazillion) places you could go see the original this week. In fact, rumor has it that friend of the Corner, Wanderingstar did just that, and was rendered speechless. I however am waiting for this version. Show of hands please. Who thinks Sarcasmo would be a GLEEk ?

Mutants- There's an app for that? Of course ! For the iPhone anyway. I don't think Sarcasmo would ever have succumbed to the "i", do you? But she would have borrowed one to play with this.

Flying Monkeys- okay, this really has nothing to do with Halloween. Unless of course you are working a Wizard of Oz theme. Sarcasmo loved monkeys almost as much as Halloween, so I threw it in.

A Halloween Story- A favorite memory of mine. The archives are a bit wonky since the migration, so you may have to scroll down to A Holiday Memory Retold, posted on Oct. 22.

Have a Happy Halloween. It is, after all, the only day of the year you are encouraged to take candy from strangers.

Sarcasmo's Corner invites you to participate on this blog. If you have any stories to share, or links you think Sarcasmo would post, please send them to; . Or leave them in a comment. We thank you all for keeping Sarcasmo's Corner a place for her friends to gather.

Posted by Star on Thursday, October 21, 2010
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