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I can't believe it took me seven years to get around to it. Go ahead. I'll wait while you roll your eyes and mumble about how long it takes me to post here. Ever since Sarcasmo let us in on her love of Panto, I have been meaning to take in a performance. Not that there is a lot of opportunity to do so, but there has been some in seven years. Even still, it was a very last minute decision that found myself and Thor sitting in the audience at the People's Light and Theater for The Three Musketeers (the later years).
The best description of Panto I could find, was one Sarcasmo blogged.

.......... it was a delightful combination of stock characters, improv, audience participation, hammy acting, terrible puns, and wonderful, wicked laughter.

And the actors threw peppermints at us. We hadn't even gotten to intermission when young Thor delivered his review. And I quote.:
"Best play ever"
End quote. And Thor, though young as stated, has seen his fair share of plays. He is a subscription ticket holder at the Arden Theater and has himself performed on stage at the Devon Theater, in an original one act play, where he portrayed a blood sucking but friendly vampire with a propensity for tickling. So I would stack his up turned thumb against any.
From what I gather, Peoples Light & Theater has done a panto over the holiday season for the last seven years ! (who knew?) . Assuming they will continue to do so, Thor and I are planning on making it part of our traditions.
Think about joining us. I'll let you know when tickets go on sale. For more about Panto, go back and read Sarcasmo's post. It is dated July 07, 2003. One of these days I'll see about getting those links to be more direct. Don't hold your breath though. I am apparently distracted by the internet, and anything shiny.

Posted by Star on Sunday, January 23, 2011
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