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A while back, Friend of the Corner ptbvisiongrrl sent me a link. A link to something that Sarcasmo would have liked. A link she may have posted.( ptbvisiongrrl reads the small print.) It is an interview with guitarist Reggie Wu . That name rang no bells for me, but the name of his band, Heavens Edge, certainly did. The 80's. The Empire Rock Club. Rock, sorry, Metal bands with tons of hair and edgy attitudes. And the teenage girls who worshiped them. As ptb mentioned in her email, she and Sarcasmo were fans. I vaguely recall once when they went to an afternoon show and found themselves locked out in the parking lot, along with the bands. Sarcasmo came home with Britny Fox autographs on her shirt.

Even farther back, Friend of the Corner Peccable let us know about a movie called Get Lamp. If you are not already aware, it is a documentary about text adventure games. One in which our own Peccable was interviewed! You most likely, unlike myself who required an explanation where Peccable kindly stated the obvious and I had one of those well, duh, of course moments, get the title reference. I should have gotten it on my own as I actually played those games. It was when the Mario Brothers came on the scene that I gave up trying to rescue princesses and collect treasures. Anyway, Sarcasmo was unable to make the interview in which Peccable talks about Slouching Towards Bedlam, and , working with Sarcasmo on it. The director, Jason Scott, was kind enough to send us a copy of the film, which includes Sarcasmo in the credits. He noted in an email that the film has played to thousands, and that many more people now know Sarcasmo.

As I was looking at the Reggie Wu interview, I remembered something else I wanted to post about. The end of The Phillyist, as we know it. It is all summed up here by editor Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey, who gives a tip of the pen to Sarcasmo. As well she should. In his interview Reggie Wu said his band was "Philly famous". I would say Sarcasmo was "Philly(ist) famous.

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Posted by Star on Saturday, February 19, 2011
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