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The lovely and talented Sarcas-sis is needs your help, Friends of the Corner. Here is her plea:

Fans of SarcasmosCorner: I am working on a project for school, compiling a selection of her blog posts and turning them into a book. If anyone has a favorite post of hers, let me know. Thanks.

Such a simple request. Surely you can help. Here is what it doesn't say. Sarcas-sis is one class away from her Masters Degree in Graphic Design. One that she has worked diligently towards while working full time, having a baby and raising 2 kids . I think she has an A average, So for heaven's sake, HELP THE WOMAN OUT !. She hasn't slept in 2 years.

And the book will be awesome.


Suggestions can be left in the comment section or emailed to me, or Sarcas-sis,

Posted by Star on Wednesday, April 13, 2011
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