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Today is her birthday. She would have been 38. She accomplished so much, and connected with so many people in her 33 years, that I have to wonder what impressions she would have left on the world these last five years. Those of us she left behind do our best to keep her presence out here, on the internet, where she was a SuperStar, as well as in the community where she was much loved. We do it for ourselves , for sure. But also because she said a lot in those 33 years. And everybody hasn't heard it yet.
I was looking up the address for the Central High School Alumni to send a check to the Star C. Foster Writers Prize, in honor of her birthday. On the webpage, I found an opportunity to leave her mark on the everyday life, at her alma mater. Due to a fire in October, the school is renovating the auditorium. For a certain sum you can dedicate a new seat, in the new auditorium, in honor or in memory of someone. One of those seats will bear a plaque that reads:

In Memory of Star C. Foster
Writer - Geek -Gadabout
Class of 250

We do it to keep her out there. Perhaps students, born after she had graduated, looking for diversion during long assemblies will note her name and wonder what made her plaque worthy. Maybe they will feel a kinship with a her as a writer, or as a geek, or , if they know what it is, a gadabout. If they look her up in the yearbook they will find she was Editor of the school's award winning literary publication. And if they Google her, well, who knows. For as long as Sarcasmo's Corner is an address on the internet,they will be able to read all about her. Posts that chronicled what she was doing, what she was thinking, and what she was passionate about. She was passionate about lots of things.
But , I fear that blogs are not forever. They only last as long as someone watches over them. As we go about our lives, imprinting ourselves on others and creating memories of ourselves, we look for ways to make memories of her as well. Ones that will last more than a lifetime.
It's her birthday.
Kiss the frog.

Posted by Sarcasmo on Thursday, June 09, 2011
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