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I observed young Thor doing something out of character the other day. He was standing still. Transfixed it seemed by the digital photo frame that is all Sarcasmo, all the time. His reverie broken by my presence, he asked a question. Had I wanted a boy ? I assured him that Sarcasdad and I had been most happy with our gaggle of chicks, and that now we had our boy. Why then, he asked, was Sarcasmo dressed as a boy in one of the photos? One that had just gone by. He insisted I wait for it to come around again. There are a lot of photos folks. He didn't say much. There is a picture of Sarcasmo as a little girl opening a Christmas gift and he wanted to know what was in the box. We finally cycled back to the "dressed like a boy" frame. There was Sarcasmo, perhaps 10 or 11 years old, all arms and legs which were adorned with knee and elbow pads, her short hair hidden by a helmet, standing on a skateboard. Still looking very much a girl to me, but, in the eye of the beholder I guess. What really struck me was that he didn't comment at all about Sarcasmo dressed as; a ghoul ; in knee britches and a tri- cornered hat , toting a musket; wrapped in a white towel with cold cream on her face the Halloween she and her friends re-created a Bangles album cover; the Queen of England. Once through the slide show , young Thor said that he had been awfully little when he knew his Aunt Sarcasmo, and that he was starting to forget.
Little Sparkle never had the pleasure of Aunt Sarcasmo's acquaintance. She knows her picture on the wall over the fireplace mantle , and names her right along with Mommy & Aunt Sarcasmo Jr. I have no doubt they would get on famously.
A recent family outing found us aboard the Sea Dragon, a pirate ship that sails the bay in Ocean City New Jersey. Young Thor, as expected, took to the life of a pirate with gusto, sporting an eye patch and brandishing his sword. We knew he could swashbuckle with the best of them. Little Sparkle was an unknown element. Would she like being on the water? Would the pirates scare her? Would we be trapped on a boat with a seasick, unhappy nearly 2 year old.?
She owned it.
She wore the skulldanna with panache. Sported the (painted on) "tattoo" with pride (even went back for a second one), plundered the treasure chest and steered the ship. I could not help but think that her Aunt Sarcasmo would be proud, and wondered if maybe there is something that was somehow passed along from one to the other. Of course I am well aware that there are many influences on little Sparkle and her opinion of the world around her. The most prominent being her brother, who has never met a sword or a pirate he didn't like.
Not too many days later , back at home, young Thor and I were playing a game called Jumpin' Monkeys. It involves using little plastic springboards to launch little two dimensional plastic monkeys through the air and onto a three dimensional plastic tree. Young Sparkle reached into the box and pulled out one of the plastic primates, a flat figure attached to a plastic stand. They look a little muscle bound. She held it up.
"Monkey Robot" she said.
Now where did she get that from?

Posted by Star on Monday, September 05, 2011
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